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Centralized planning and control tools that amplify situational awareness and response capabilities

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Thorough understanding of densely populated areas
Advanced strategy planning and simulation tools
Enhanced coordination for routine and emergency

In the dynamic realm of homeland security, technology has emerged as a formidable force, reshaping the way security operations are conceived and executed. Among the array of technological advancements, the integration of 3D visualization technologies stands out as a pivotal strategy that empowers security professionals with a multidimensional lens through which security challenges can be comprehensively addressed.

Simplex creates dynamic and immersive environments that replicate physical spaces with remarkable accuracy, offering security personnel an invaluable tool for strategic planning and real-time decision-making. Furthermore, centralized control systems with contextual data layers embedded with real-time feeds, can notably enhance surveillance efficiency, facilitating improved readiness and optimized resource allocation in everyday scenarios, it also ensures quicker threat detection, reduced response times and faster decision making during critical incidents.

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Unparalleled Site Understanding

Intricate 3D models that mirror reality, enabling security professionals to navigate, analyze, and strategize within an environment that replicates physical spaces with precision

Full Visibility

Analyze viewsheds and identify hidden areas within by visualizing exactly what can be seen from specific vantage points, security teams can optimize the placement of cameras and surveillance equipment to eliminate blind spots and maximize coverage

Real-time Feeds

Seamlessly fuse real-time feeds from field cameras or drones into its 3D environment, offering security personnel live situational awareness

Be Ready. For Anything

Simplex empowers security organizations to simulate emergency scenarios within the 3D framework. By modeling and analyzing the impact of various crises, security teams can refine response strategies, develop effective evacuation plans, and allocate resources efficiently. This capability enhances preparedness for critical incidents

Decisions at a Glance

Facilitate efficient coordination among security stakeholders and personnel, allowing for synchronized responses during critical incidents. The platform becomes a nexus for expertise and insights, empowering security teams to make well-informed decisions backed by real-time, accurate information

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