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Local Government

Journey to the connected city: revolutionizing urban management for an enhanced resident experience

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Shared representation of reality, with inch-by-inch 3D view
Infused with your data layers and real-time feeds
Building trust and resident engagement

Cultivating continuous enhancements in residents’ lives involves intricate orchestration across urban planning, infrastructure, sustainability, education, culture, construction, and security. With departments using distinct jargon and metrics, achieving holistic decisions becomes tougher.

At the core of the Simplex 3D Platform lies its power to create a unified reality. Merging diverse data sources like urban plans, infrastructure maps, and GPS data enables us to generate an accurate 3D representation of the city. This “digital twin” becomes a shared hub accessible to all departments, forming a solid foundation for decision-making. The Simplex 3D platform acts as a bridge, overcoming departmental barriers. Our 3D model breaks language barriers, fostering shared understanding and transparent decisions. By amalgamating urban data, Simplex empowers precise, collaborative choices across the cityscape.

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Unified Reality

The Simplex 3D workspace consolidates city management, real-time monitoring, and rapid responses onto a single platform. The 3D visualization breaks language barriers, enhancing communication across disciplines.
When everyone gets the whole picture, you can be sure that decision-making will be faster and well informed.

Real Time Fusion

Connect Call Center to Simplex to view open and new tickets across the city in real-time in one geographical glance. You see what bothers your residence right now and where to send your teams. Whether it’s monitoring the movement of municipal vehicles or tracking the progress of construction projects, departments can rely on accurate, synchronized data.

Resource Optimization

Integrating the municipal car fleet and field workers’ GPS data into the Simplex 3D Platform enhances resource management, reduces response times, and increases the overall efficiency of city operations. This integration ensures that tasks are assigned based on proximity and availability, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Resident Empowerment

Transparency fosters trust, and interaction fosters a sense of ownership. Simplex allows you to share any chosen city information on a 3D map with residents and residents to come, letting them explore the city, find new bike lanes and parks, or report obstacles. You can also let people explore city development over time and compare accurate views across the years, showing them the past, the present, and the future. You decide what level of information and data you share with the residents.

Security Management

By overlaying security camera feeds onto the 3D map, authorities can monitor the city’s critical areas in real time. The platform serves as a central hub for managing responses during emergencies or incidents. City officials can access real-time data, including the location of emergency responders and affected areas. The 3D visualization assists in making swift and accurate decisions.

And There Is More

From refining urban planning decisions to fostering seamless communication with construction teams and entrepreneurs, identifying unlawful structures and safety concerns, and even offering insights into neighboring cities— the potential of the accurate 3D workspace knows no bounds in elevating your daily operations.

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