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A unified urban platform for streamlined operations on a multi-layered 3D model

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Precise and comprehensive urban context
Infused with real time field monitoring
Unveiling the unseen: below-ground visibility

Are you a forward-thinking infrastructure company looking to streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, and ensure optimal resource allocation? At Simplex 3D, we specialize in providing cutting-edge 3D modeling solutions that empower infrastructure companies like yours to take charge of their projects in a whole new way. Our platform offers a private workspace where you can access a detailed, accurate 3D model of the city, tailored to your specific needs.

Imagine having the ability to plan, visualize and monitor your entire infrastructure network in a 3D environment. Our platform creates a dynamic model that includes everything from roads and buildings to utility lines and distribution points. This 3D representation acts as a virtual canvas, giving you unprecedented insights into the layout and structure of the city’s infrastructure.

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Planning & Optimization

For telecom companies, solar companies, and water cooperatives, optimizing infrastructure distribution is crucial. Our 3D model allows you to simulate various scenarios, test different placement options, and identify the most efficient distribution plan. This leads to reduced resource waste and faster project completion.

Real-time Monitoring and Failure Detection

Our 3D model, coupled with real-time data integration, serves as a command center for your infrastructure operations. Whether it’s water pressure fluctuations, solar panel performance, or telecom signal strength, you can observe trends and patterns as they happen. This level of insight empowers you to make informed decisions promptly, effectively preventing issues before they escalate.

Empowering Field Staff

Equipping your field staff with accurate 3D models is like providing them with a digital compass. They can navigate through the city’s infrastructure with ease, gaining an understanding of the network’s intricacies. This leads to quicker issue resolution and improved efficiency on the ground.

Transparency Beneath the Surface

With Simplex 3D, you’re equipped with the tools to master both the visible and hidden aspects of your infrastructure landscape. Our transparency feature allows you to explore the intricate web of underground infrastructure, such as pipes and cables, in a clear and intuitive manner. This unique capability provides insights into the often-hidden layers of your network, enabling better resource allocation, maintenance planning, and overall management.

Collaborative Workspace

Our platform fosters collaboration among your teams. Project managers, engineers, and field staff can work together within the same 3D environment, sharing insights and updates in real time. This eliminates communication gaps and ensures everyone is on the same page.

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Your vision becomes a reality with Simplex

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