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    Hear our Customers

    “We are driven by innovation excellence, and this is what makes Simplex the ideal partner to provide our customers with a truly groundbreaking solution, to help them achieve their goals. It’s Simplex’s pioneering technology that will drive the Italian urban planning sector forward, today, and well into the future.”

    Andreani Tributi
    Srl-, Italy


    "It’s not uncommon that I explore things in Simplex, that can’t be seen even in the field. Every discussion starts with Simplex3D, it is a must-have tool for planning in the city"

    Mickey Utmezgin

    B.Arch.Ed M.A, Owner Mickey Utmezgin

    "Simplex's capacity to vividly portray future projects through 3D is invaluable"

    Noam Cohen

    Senior Real Estate Analyst at BSRE

    "What Simplex does would have looked like science fiction only 5 years ago"

    Architect Ami Moore

    Partner, Yaski Moore, Sivan

    "Since we have upgraded to Simplex’ 3D platform, our teams can see the entire infrastructure, together with all of the associated data. With a few simple clicks, our network planning, from the get-go, becomes clear"

    Pavel Kleiman

    Infrastructure Manager, Partner Communications
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