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Property Development

With Simplex, gain unrivaled insights and strategic advantages in the fast paced property market

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Accurate property assessment with remote 360° inspections
Up-to-date 3D model with extensive GIS integration & measurements
Effortlessly compare historical construction plans and detect permit violations

In the fast-paced and dynamic world of 3D urban planning, real estate entrepreneurs face unique challenges when making strategic business decisions and identifying future construction opportunities. Traditional methods of property assessment often fall short, leading to time-consuming site visits and costly evaluations. Additionally, keeping up with rapidly evolving urban growth trends and identifying optimal locations for future construction can be overwhelming without access to accurate and up-to-date information. In this ever-changing landscape, entrepreneurs require a tool that empowers them to gain a comprehensive view of the city, its potential developments, and the strategic opportunities that lie ahead. To thrive in this competitive environment, entrepreneurs need innovative solutions that streamline their decision-making processes and provide them with the tools to envision the future urban landscape with clarity and precision.

Simplex platform offers a photo-realistic model with 3cm per pixel accuracy, accessible from any browser or mobile device. This cutting-edge technology empowers entrepreneurs to make smarter urban planning decisions with features like accurate measurements, shadow analysis, and views from any perspective. By showcasing properties with stunning aerial maps and overlaying demographic data, entrepreneurs can assess potential assets remotely and identify high-growth areas over time. Moreover, with Simplex Atidim, entrepreneurs gain unparalleled insights into future construction plans, enabling strategic business decisions and identifying optimal growth locations.

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High Resolution 360° 3D Model

The world’s highest resolution 3D model on an urban scale, providing a photo-realistic experience. Entrepreneurs can access this immersive model from any device, gaining clear and comprehensive views of properties

Accurate Measurement and Analysis

Entrepreneurs can leverage Simplex to obtain precise measurements and perform shadow analysis, aiding in property assessments and identifying potential development opportunities

Future Construction Projection

With Simplex Atidim, entrepreneurs gain exclusive access to future construction plans for any city, offering valuable insights into construction plans, upcoming opportunities and identifying optimal locations for growth

Remote Urban Research

Demographic data and remotely research properties schools, transit, shopping, hospitals, or other amenities. Allowing for informed decisions by assessing nearby amenities and seasonal changes in the surroundings

Visual Showcase of Properties

Entrepreneurs can showcase their properties with stunning 3D aerial maps and high-resolution imagery, providing customers with an accurate and up-to-date view, superior to satellite imaging maps, to enhance the overall customer experience

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