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Real Estate Appraisers

Simplify your assessment by remotely inspecting your projects with high quality up-to-date urban information

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Accurate property assessment with remote 360° inspections
Up-to-date 3D model with extensive GIS integration & measurements
Effortlessly compare historical construction plans and detect permit violations

Appraisers hold a pivotal role in the real estate market, providing essential property valuations. 

Traditional appraisal methods often involve time-consuming on site visits and manual data collection, making it challenging to keep up with the rapid changes in the real estate landscape. Additionally, the complexities of urban changing landscape, with numerous properties to evaluate and intricate building structures, add further complexity to the appraisal process and to Accurate assessments for property informed decision-making.

By Simplex’s up-to-date, photo-realistic, high-resolution 3D models – appraisers empower and gain access to detailed virtual 360 degree visualizations to explore properties and their surroundings without setting foot on the ground outside. Moreover, Simplex brings to the table all integrations of urban GIS layers, providing crucial data on construction anomalies, indiscernible structural changes, accurate engineering measurements to evaluate property with ease, historical construction comparisons and informed decision-making in the complexities of urban appraisals.

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360° Property Visualizations

Detailed and immersive views of properties and their surroundings, enabling remote assessments without physical visits. This tool enhances appraisal accuracy and empowers appraisers to make well-informed decisions in the urban environment

Urban GIS Layers Integration

Urban GIS Layers e.g., land use, transportation (road, rails), environmental data (flood zones, hazards), services (schools, hospitals, parks), property boundaries, aiding appraisers with accurate valuations and informed decisions in dynamic urban settings

Accurate Property Measurements

Accurate data on building dimensions, area, facades, view from every angle, what is within a radius around a property, slopes, facilitating confident property value calculations, and more

Real Time Construction Plan Comparisons

Identify changes and track historical progress by comparing construction plans with actual developments

Data Management and Collaboration

Convenient options to save and export documents, notes, photos. Enabling effortless sharing among team members for enhanced collaboration and streamlined appraisal processes

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