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More Transactions made with context. Gain unrivaled insights and strategic advantages in the property market

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Zoning and regulatory data per building, parcel and lot
Premium tools to assess air rights, traffic, deeds, and other data
Share 3D photorealistic views screenshots and videos with customers

In real estate, the right tools can turn opportunities into successes. Simplex 3D offers real estate brokers a powerful tool that transforms property visualization and analysis. Our platform provides the highest-resolution 3D maps available, complete with detailed data layers for an in-depth look at properties and their surroundings. This means brokers can offer clients a realistic view of potential homes or investments without needing to visit in person.

Simplex 3D simplifies the complex. With just a few clicks, brokers access essential information like zoning details, traffic data, and more. Imagine showing clients how sunlight moves across their future property or sharing detailed views from every window—all before setting foot on the property. Our technology streamlines the due diligence process, saving time and enhancing the buying experience.

Moreover, Simplex 3D is about making every transaction smoother. Our platform is packed with tools for analysis, like shadow analysis and professional-grade measurements, making it easier to understand every aspect of a property. It’s not just about selling properties; it’s about providing a service that stands out in today’s competitive market.

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High Resolution 360° 3D Model

The world’s highest resolution 3D model on an urban scale, providing a photo-realistic experience. Brokers can access this immersive model from any device, gaining clear and comprehensive views of properties

Premium assessment tools

Brokers can assess air rights, traffic, deeds, transportation, future plans, and other diverse data layers that save you hours of searching, allowing you to present all the information customers need to make informed decisions in just a click.

Future Construction Plans Data Layer

Stay ahead of the market with exclusive access to our Future Construction Plans Data Layer. This feature offers real estate brokers foresight into upcoming developments, enabling you to assess the future landscape of any neighborhood. With this knowledge, you can guide your clients towards investments that will appreciate in value, avoiding areas that might become oversaturated or lose appeal due to future construction.

View from Every Window

Experience and present every property as if you were standing inside it. Our “View from Every Window” feature allows real estate brokers to showcase panoramic views from any window of a property, providing clients with a realistic perspective of their potential new home or investment. This immersive experience helps clients make informed decisions faster, enhancing customer satisfaction and accelerating the sales process.

Remote Urban Research

Unlock the power of comprehensive urban analysis from the comfort of your office. Our Remote Urban Research feature provides real estate brokers with in-depth insights into any area, including demographic trends, zoning regulations, and local amenities. This valuable information supports strategic decision-making, allowing you to identify promising opportunities and advise clients with unparalleled accuracy and depth.

Share Screenshots and Videos with Customers

Elevate your property presentations with the ability to share high-quality screenshots and videos directly with your clients. This feature enables real estate brokers to highlight key aspects of a property and its surroundings in a compelling visual format. By providing detailed visual aids, you can effectively communicate the value of a property, making it easier for clients to envision themselves in the space and move forward with confidence.

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Simplex 3D for Real Estate Brokers - More Transactions Made With Context
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