Jordan Kastrinsky hosts Simplex 3D co-founder and CEO, Avi Aflalo, in his popular podcast “High Tech On The Low” to chat about entrepreneurship journey, 3D and AI.

In the podcast, Avi, describe how 3D modeling has changed the way that many stakeholders operate. From engineers to city planners to even everyday citizens on their way to work, 3D technology provides a much more comprehensive, updated view of an area than ever before. Avi Aflalo, CEO and co-founder of Simplex 3D has seen his company’s solution deployed over multiple industries, in multiple countries, with great success in redefining how 3D technology can drive greater efficiency and accuracy in real estate and urban planning. Now, with AI and other developments, Avi is looking to see how to integrate them into his platform to drive the new generation of 3D planning tools.