This February, the Simplex 3D team embarked on an thrilling tour across New York City, marking a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize the real estate and architectural landscape. From the 12th to the 15th, we engaged with industry professionals, showcased our cutting-edge technology, and fostered meaningful partnerships that promise to reshape the built world.

Workshops and Exclusive Launch Evening

Our journey began with targeted workshops for First American’s sales representatives, an initiative that deepened our collaboration and set the stage for what was to come. These sessions, held at First American’s offices, were instrumental in aligning our teams and showcasing the practical applications of Simplex 3D’s technology in real estate transactions.

Following the workshops, an exclusive evening hosted by our partners, First American, in their offices. This special event brought together VIPs from the real estate sector, setting a high note for the days that followed.

Avi Aflalo, simplex 3D founder at First American launch evening
(Avi Aflalo, Simplex 3D CEO and Founder at the First American launch evening)

The enthusiasm and positive feedback we received from our partners and guests were beyond encouraging. Executives from First American and SHoP Architects, along with other industry leaders, shared their excitement about the potential of Simplex 3D to transform the real estate and architectural landscape. Their insights not only validated our efforts but also highlighted the eagerness of professionals to embrace innovation.

New York Build Expo

Following the launch, we participated in the huge New York Build Expo at the Javits Center, where our booth attracted a wide array of professionals. The expo provided a fantastic platform to demonstrate our technology’s capabilities, engaging attendees with the possibilities of high-resolution 3D city modeling.

New York build expo - Simplex 3D booth

A highlight of our expo participation was the panel discussion, “Stakeholder Spotlight: Unique Perspectives of How Technology and Innovation Will Disrupt the Built World in 2024.
This discussion brought together diverse viewpoints on how technology is positively impacting the real estate ecosystem, offering valuable insights into the future of the industry.

Visit to SHoP Architects

The climax of our New York tour was a visit to SHoP Architects offices. We were hosted by Todd Sigaty and John Cerone, who provided an inspiring tour of their office, including the impressive 360-degree screen room. Displaying our New York model on their panoramic screen offered an immersive view of Manhattan, showcasing the unparalleled resolution of our 3D technology. This visit highlighted the synergy between Simplex 3D and SHoP Architects and the exciting potential of our collaboration.

SHop architect offices - the 360 degrees screen

Looking Forward

As we reflect on our successful launch and the series of events in New York, we are filled with gratitude and anticipation for the future. We extend our heartfelt thanks to First American, SHoP Architects, and all the professionals who engaged with us during this journey.

We invite New York’s real estate and architecture professionals to explore the possibilities with Simplex 3D.
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